About Us

Moonstone Ventures LLC


Moonstone is a privately-owned American home development company, based in Winter Garden, FL (greater Orlando FL metro area), primarily backed by private investors.  We're passionate about building functional quality homes, with truly stunning finishes, while doing it on a budget.

In addition, we strategically partner with seasoned industry professionals, for the many stages of planning, permitting, building, and marketing of our houses -- many with decades of experience in the business.  

That includes service providers & materials supply partners, such as building products manufacturers, distributors, engineering firms, architects, drafters, building contractors, subcontractors, site supervisors, real estate brokers, and more -- ranging from small, to medium, to some of the largest in the business.

Furthermore, when it comes to key structural components for our houses -- such as the house foundation, block walls, load headers, structural lumber, roof trusses, doors, windows, roofing, etc. -- we're also backed by some of the largest industry players (typically multibillion-dollar companies).


We plan, design, and build 'budget luxury' homes.   Moreover, we carefully optimize construction methods & budgets, targeting cost-effective results, in high-demand Florida markets.  Ultimately, we strive to "de-commoditize" mass-market homebuilding, seeking truly differentiated houses, while still achieving stellar financial performance.

Whether you're a real estate investor, or a future homeowner interested in our homes, we have great options available.  Although a small company in size, we're big on delivering!  Each and every one of our houses provide better quality, more features, and extra design elements, vs. other local similarly-priced houses. 

In other words, instead of constructing typical 'cookie-cutter' homes, such as the ones built by most production builders within our pricing range, we go above and beyond during our planning, budgeting, and execution stages.  The end result?  Truly beautiful & highly functional homes.

But don't take our word for it.  See it for yourself; in person and/or through our pictures & videos.  Please visit our Gallery & Floorplans pages for more info.


We build houses in Central Florida, USA.  Moreover, we're currently focused on working-class real estate markets, with high-growth & high-demand real estate demographics, within short driving distances from Walt Disney World.

As the 3rd largest state in the U.S. by population, Florida is home to over 22 million residents, and growing.  Most importantly, and directly related to homebuilding activity, Florida is typically the # 1 net migration state in the country (including domestic + international migration), as well as one of the top overall population growth states (# 1 in the USA, 2022), year after year.

All that growth and migration leads to continuous homebuilding and general real estate activity.  Furthermore, Central Florida in particular is home to some of the fastest growing cities & counties within the state -- essentially making it one of the most active areas for real estate investments within the United States.

With that in mind, our company is primarily focused on inventory homes (a.k.a. 'spec homes'), catered to such active areas.  Our differentiated houses are built  quickly (approx. 4~6 months), then placed on the market for quick sales.  Since our end-product is truly differentiated, and yet fairly priced, we typically sell each house within only a few weeks from listing day.

In addition, our houses are subject to ongoing local government inspectors, including dozens of inspection checkpoints during the construction stages, all the way through the final inspection.  The inspection checkpoints include items such as underground works, soil compaction, foundation, load-bearing walls, trusses, driveway, windows, doors, waterproofing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, pesticides treatment, hazards, jobsite trash management, and much more.

Once each house passes all progress inspections, including the final inspection -- which all our homes do -- we're then granted the Certificate of Occupancy, issued by the local Florida County, officially certifying that we have met and/or exceeded all Florida & local Building Code requirements.


First, it all begins with meticulous planning.  Our inhouse house plans are developed alongside architects & drafters with decades of experience in the business, with no details spared (ex. floorplans layout, foundations, rough openings, electrical, plumbing, styles, designs, features, specs, etc.); then reviewed, certified, and sealed by local & licensed civil engineering firms. 

Second, every new-construction house plans, and all accompanying paperwork, is submitted for government review through the local building department, for the issuance of a Building Permit.  Every house is specifically tailored for each jobsite, on residential lots previously purchased and secured by our company (except for cases of pre-order builds, to be built over the client's property).

The paperwork includes engineer-sealed house plans, truss engineering, energy calculations, site plan survey, products list, notice of commencement, etc.  All produced & certified by unquestionably qualified companies & professionals.

Third, the final design & respective budget is reviewed and redefined for each house, including ongoing bids reviews, ahead and throughout the building stages, for each jobsite.  All finish materials selections and purchases, as well as the overall project scheduling, is also conducted inhouse. 

Moreover, all accounting and bookkeeping are created individually, for each house/project, independently from one-another.  Such "project-based accounting" approach allows for a seamless and investor-friendly structure, with clear project profitability analysis, as well as our ability to provide the respective land & building hard-assets as investment collateral.

Lastly, the jobsite execution is carried out by licensed & insured contractors and subcontractors -- each true professional experts in their own fields/trade -- following our company's timelines & directions, as well as industry standards and best practices.  Ongoing quality control inspections are also independently conducted inhouse, as an added measure, for all trades, for each jobsite. 


How about building energy efficient homes, surpassing all building code requirements, with stunning finish materials, and do it all on a budget?


This is our North Star.  Whether you invest with us, work with us, supply for us, and/or plan on living in one of our homes, you can be sure that we will always place people & process over profit.


We plan and build differently.  All details matter, from blueprints to floorplans.  While nothing is perfect, we are obsessed in doing better, for our clients and for our partners.  'Wow' factor always required!